Why Wear a Geek Shirt?
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Geeks have this unique, often cryptic sense of fashion. They wear things that others won’t even think of wearing. They don’t go with popular fashion trends. The things you can see on geek shirts are just, well, uniquely geeky.

But geeks do not wear such shirts just for the sake of being different. There’s more to that. Here are three top reasons.

It attracts fellow geeks

Some geeks find it awkward to meet other people. Their confidence and social skills may not be up to par, so they have to find really creative ways to make themselves known. A geek shirt is a very simple solution – once a fellow geek recognises what’s on the shirt, the barrier goes down. The shirt can easily be a conversation starter between two strangers who happen to be geeks. If it goes on well, the two instantly have found new friends.

It sends a message

Geek shirts do more than just serve as clothing. They also tell people around them who this geek is, what he’s a fan of, and how deep in that fandom he’s in. Many geek shirts have general messages, like the logo of the United Federation of Planets and STAR TREK right below it. And others have very specific one-liners that only hardcore fans could relate to. Maybe a cyborg with a glowing red eye with the words “Resistance is futile” printed below it.

It fuels geeks’ passion for their fandoms

Those who wear geek shirts totally embrace their geekiness. Why else would they be wearing something attention-grabbing in public? It can only mean one thing – that they like this character, TV series, movie, or franchise so much that they’re willing to bear its name on their bodies. As geeks walk the streets in plain view, with their geek shirts on, they’re proclaiming their fandoms with confidence and pride.

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