Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Geeks
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Your geek friends have a different taste for presents. The usual holiday gifts won’t do; you have to think outside the box like them. Thankfully, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for a great geek gift idea for the coming holidays, here are some.


  • Apps. Since almost everything we do is on our phones, why not upgrade your gift-giving skills by gifting an app to your geek friend? Figure out what sort of apps they’re into, then surprise them during the holiday season. Both the App Store and Google Play Store have gifting features, so you won’t need to worry about an arduous process.
  • Games. Geeks also love to play their games. These days, games have become a primary source of entertainment, especially for geeks. As such, there are so many to choose from. Check out the Steam store for a wide range of games, which you can also easily pass on as gifts. And games go on sale regularly on the holidays, so watch out for those too!
  • Smart Speakers. Devices like Echo, Alexa, and Google Home are all the rage these days. You can talk to it and have it do nearly anything you want – turn on the lights, order pizza, and even get food for your cat. Every geek wants this in their home, so smart speakers would make ideal gifts for the holidays.
  • Geek Toys. Nope, this doesn’t make geeks childish. These “toys” are complex, well-engineered devices meant for grown-up geeks. Stuff like drones, remote-controlled BB-8 models, and programmable mini-robots make for awesome presents to give your geek friends for the holidays.
  • T-Shirts. You can never go wrong with a good geek T-shirt. There’s a tee for every fandom known to humanity: from Superman to Spock, from Batman to Borderlands, and many more. And they come in every size, too. No discrimination against any body type here.


There’s really a wide range of gift ideas for the special geeks in your life. And if you prefer the online route to avoid the lines at the stores, The Geek Store has you covered. We have an assortment of geek merch in the site at affordable prices. Explore the site and take your pick.

Happy Holidays!