Top 10 Gadgets for Geeks
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Geeks are very tech-savvy individuals. As such, they would want to have the latest gizmos on their hands. Here are ten examples of such gadgetry that geeks would be wide-eyed over.


  • Smart speakers. Make your home smarter with a Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Echo Dot. It can do stuff for you just by telling it to, like ordering food, calling a friend, or just playing some relaxing music.
  • E-book Reader. Phones and tablets are useful for reading books, but reading for a long time on a backlit screen can cause eyestrain. For the geek who is also a serious bookworm, an e-book reader with an e-ink screen is best, like the Amazon Kindle. It looks just like a printed book, plus its battery lasts much, much longer – we’re talking several weeks in one charge.
  • Portable Gaming Devices. Many geeks are hardcore gamers too, and they’d want to game wherever they may be. A PSP, 3DS, or a Switch is a great addition to a geek’s travel gear. No more boring commutes, train rides, and flights.
  • Mini Drones. Some geeks would like to take their photography literally a notch higher. Remote controlled drones with HD cameras will allow shutterbugs to take to the skies for more unique and stunning compositions.
  • Anki Cozmo Robot. Geeks will surely have fun with their very own programmable robot. The Anki Cozmo is a great mechanical companion, and it’s even able to express different emotions through dot matrix facial expressions. How cute is that?
  • Gaming Console. When at home, games are a go-to mode of entertainment for many geeks. Having a dedicated device especially designed to play games is a staple in many geeks’ homes. Whether it’s an Xbox, PlayStation, or a Wii depends on what each geek prefers.
  • Wireless Headphones. Wires are so old-fashioned. Most geeks would prefer going wireless even with their music. Bluetooth-enabled headphones and headsets are great for the audiophile geek. No more fiddling with entangled cables; they can instantly listen to their favourite tunes on a whim.
  • Coffee Press. Geeks love their coffee. Not the instant kind; they’re lame. Brewed is best, and what better way to get their daily caffeine fix than a coffee press? More so when it’s an R2-D2 coffee press!
  • Desktop Vacuum Cleaner. Geeks do a lot of things in front of their computers, and that includes eating. So it’s inevitable to have some food crumbs all over their keyboards. Cleaning them out is a chore in itself, but not with a handy desktop-friendly vacuum.
  • Power Banks. Every geek brings along electronics with him/her every single day. Electronics have batteries, and batteries do run out. For that reason, power banks are almost essential for geeks, especially for devices that run out of power in the middle of the day.


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