Out Of the Box Geek Gifts Ideas For Your Geek Buddy
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Are you shopping for geek gifts for a geek friend? Is your geek friend into technology and gadgets? Getting the perfect gifts for him can be very frustrating because, most often than not, the things that bring a smile into his face cannot be normally found in malls or your local gift store. Though finding an amazing gift for your geek buddy can be quite a challenge, it does not have to be a chore. To find the perfect gift, begin by thinking about what type of a geek your friend is and what he is interested in. Is he the James Bond-type, or much more like the mathematician-type of geek? Or maybe he is a survivalist-type of geek?

If you have a James Bond-type of a geek friend, for instance, spy on your geek gifts recipient and check to see if he has been hiding his embarrassment for his quite-obsolete cell phone or is secretly drooling at the sight of his rich friends’ smart cell phones; perhaps it is time that you should buy him one of those hot, new smart phones! He would love to see himself as the next James Bond guy and a unique, rugged- or retro-looking wristwatch will surely complete his high-tech gadgets.

If your friend is a Richard Dean Anderson-like or MacGyverish type of geek, multi-function-type gifts, such as a Swiss knife set, are exactly the types of gifts they would surely love! Granted, Swiss knives are not anymore the hot items that they used to be, but a lot of people (geeks included) still love their handiness and utility, and your geek gifts recipient would appreciate one too, especially if he doesn’t have one yet. Tired of giving Swiss knives? Other MacGyverish ideas are multi-function flash lights or those which fit snugly on or atop their wearer’s ears, handy for jobs involving aiming a light while working with both hands!

Your Sherlock Holmes-type geek of a friend would greatly appreciate inexpensive, security-type toy gadgets such as laser trip wires or motion-activated gizmos. These toys are used by geeks who love to wire them around their house or near their bedroom, to let them know if someone is approaching or not! Other geek toys that Sherlock Holmes types would love to have are inexpensive book vault safes, hidden wall or outlet safes, cheap listening device kits, various kinds of intruder alarms like Google Spy Science, water-soluble security papers that are useful for sending secret messages, and a variety of USB locks.

By the way, have you heard of the product called Survival Kit in a Sardine Can and other similar products? Now those are perfect for your true-blue Survivalist-type of geeks!

Your DOS/ASCII or Linux-and/or-BSD-loving, Windows-bashing type of geek friend, similar to the Mathematical or Mathematician-type of geeks, would love all sorts of toys and other items featuring the ubiquitous, mostly yellow-colored ASCII smiley characters or Tux, the predominantly yellow, black, and white-colored Linux penguin mascot, or even Beastie, the predominantly red-colored BSD Operating System mascot who wields a trident spear.

Additionally, Mathematical or Mathematician-type geeks are also suckers for all sorts of puzzles, IQ or otherwise, but most especially the ‘mathematical’ kinds! But of course, to avoid embarrassment, check first to see if your geek buddy hasn’t seen or done the puzzle toy that you have in mind before purchasing it for him. Also, have you heard of the Shake Powered Calculator or the Roll-up Calculator or even the Water-Powered Calculator? Mathematical or Mathematician-type geeks would also greatly appreciate them!

Conservation-conscious, Mother Earth types of geeks, on the other hand, admire all sorts of toys made of recycled materials. Examples of this are the Scrap Metal Sculpture series of toys.

Lastly, have you heard of the product called LED Binary Watch and other similar-themed products? These are just the type of toys that the I-only-speak-in-Binary or hexadecimal type of geeks would die for!

So there you have it; just some geek gifts ideas for your geek buddy. There are plenty more out there. All you need to do is to invest some of your valuable time to look for them and to think a little bit out-of-the-box.

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