How to Find the Perfect Geek Gifts For Your Geek Friend
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Season’s greetings! The first week of December has already come and gone and, pretty soon, Christmas will be upon us. Have you started buying gifts already? If not yet, you’d better start now, or else you’ll find yourself wistfully staring at already ‘out of stock’ gift items or paying extra for that exclusive, very-hard-to-find gifts. Some people, however, are very hard to please, and so you have to search high and low for the perfect gift for them. Examples of these very-hard-to-please groups are geeks.

Geeks are a very-hard-to-please – if not the most hard-to-please – bunch, simply because most of them have intelligence way far superior compared to mere mortals, or because they just have a little bit different tastes than most people. Their mental acumen would therefore necessitate you to sort of think out-of-the-box when shopping for gifts for them. For example, what you may look at as something pretty sophisticated to be considered as an ordinary toy for a geek, such as for a very difficult mathematical puzzle, is precisely the type of toy that your geek buddy would go nuts over! The more complex, the better! For most ordinary people, it is technically not a toy, but for them, it is!

If you have a geeky-type of friend that you want to buy gifts for this holiday season, you may want to know the different types of geeks, such as the following:

· James Bondish geeks – This type of geeks love champagne or bourborn whiskey or Scotch whiskey, women, and fast cars! They sport fancy, high-end phones and fancy, trend-setting wristwatches, just as James Bond do.

· Richard Dean Anderson-like, MacGyverish geeks – Remember how MacGyver would reach into his pant’s pockets and bring out odd things such as a short piece of rope that may prove useful to the task at hand? This type of geeks loves geeky gadgets which can come very handy as to fit inside their trouser’s pockets or backpacks.

· Sherlock Holmes-type – Sherlock Holmes-type are security-conscious or mystery-loving geeks that would install motion-activated gizmos around their house or near their bedroom so that they will know if someone is approaching.

It seems that there are as many ‘flavors’ of geeks as there are colors in a color wheel, or maybe even more! You may even have a DOS/ASCII- or Linux-and/or-BSD-loving, Windows-bashing geek, a mathematician-type, a handy man-type, a conservation-conscious-type, or an I-only-speak-in-binary type of geek for a friend. There is really no limit to the sort of person who can define and consider himself as a geek – or who wants to – and for each geek would-be recipient for your geek gifts the key to finding out what gifts are at the very least suitable for him is to figure out what ‘flavor’ approximates his type.

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