Gifts for Geeks
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Geeks are known for their – less than mainstream – tastes when it comes to most the types of items that make great gifts — music, clothing, and entertainment. This is why geek gift shopping should be taken seriously, and you should choose items that will delight the geek’s sense of novelty and inspiration, while also providing him or her with genuine value and entertainment.

The best gifts for geeks combine off-beat elements with practical uses, in order to create wonderful gift items that nearly anyone could enjoy. But, how can you know your gift will be well received? Shopping for geeks is easy with this list of five great gift ideas for geeks.

Limited Edition Comic Book or Graphic Novel

When you truly want to make points with your favorite geek, try to track down a limited edition print of his or her favorite comic book or novel. Many of these series are released in limited quantities, so the early editions or special prints can be quite valuable and are also difficult to track down. Choosing an item that is rare and that is outside of an obvious gift choice is a great way to show a geek how much you care.

A Clever T-Shirt

There are literally thousands of t-shirts available with clever phrases, but many geeks prefer the shirts that have snarky or clever intellectual innuendos. Look for shirts that make math jokes, reference physics or other scientific theories, or that make a big deal about grammar. Alternatively, you can also find a t-shirt that references a favorite retro cartoon or television series, as many geeks will love reminiscing about their childhood favorites.

A Video Game Survival kit

If you’re looking to impress your favorite geek and show him or her how much you care, consider putting together a video game survival kit for the next time he or she wants to have a lengthy gaming session. You can include items such as a recently released game, an extra controller, snack foods, energy drinks, and hooded sweatshirts or pajama pants.

Subscription to a Monthly Beer Club

Any geek will love a beer of the month club membership. For one simple price, you can have a different beer or style of beer delivered straight to the geek’s home each month. Memberships are simple to purchase – you simply choose the amount of time you’d like to give the gift for (generally from three months up to one year), and then the club sends along the gift each month. Each month’s selection can also often be gift-wrapped and include a personal message.

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