Dating Tips For Geeks
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Newsflash – there is nothing wrong with being a geek.

I am one myself. I like computers, programming, gadgets and other such nerdy activities that girls have zero interest in.

So how you do stay true to your geeky self and still attract girls?

Here’s some top tips:

1) Just because the bullies used to kick sand in your face, it doesn’t mean you can’t be tough as nails now

I don’t mean in a tough, ‘hardman’ way. You don’t have to possess a barrel chest and massive guns in order to draw the ladies in (although working out and getting in shape won’t do you any harm in that regard).

It’s about having mental strength – strength of character and integrity.

In my day job I work with a bunch of engineers, who share similar character traits. They tend to be very intelligent, analytical, logical and cynical. They don’t tend to communicate openly with people – if someone does something they don’t like, they will act fine with them, until they leave. Then they will bad mouth them to anyone who will listen with a salvo of cutting sarcasm.

This is classic passive-aggressive behaviour. If this is you, start thinking about how you can communicate more openly. How can you express your displeasure and stand up for yourself in a way that commands respect, but doesn’t create a fight?

You can express your disagreement with someone yet still make them feel like they are valued and you respect their opinion. This is a real skill, and is one worth learning.

But seriously – drop the bitter, cynical, self pitying stuff. It makes you sound like you’re not strong enough to sort out your own problems. And what woman wants a man that can’t stand up for himself? How is he going to protect her and his family?

2) Be a geek, but do it with confidence

Many geeks have a very awkward personality. They don’t speak with any real authority or confidence. They don’t like making decisions. They don’t like being leaders, and standing up and being counted. They would rather hide away in a basement somewhere coding, instead of facing the world.

So figure out who you are, in terms of what you stand for and your opinions in general. Then when you express yourself, make eye contact with the person you’re talking to. Don’t be afraid to hold that eye contact – most geeks get nervous when making eye contact and look away. Especially when you’re talking to a girl – don’t be afraid to hold the eye contact (just don’t do it solidly for half an hour, as you will look like a psycho).

When you move, take slow, deliberate steps. Have a relaxed, open posture, and keep your head up – no looking at the ground as you walk. Make eye contact and smile at people as you walk by. Take your time, and become comfortable with moving around and having people looking at you.

3) Get yourself a sense of style

It’s not all about the externals by any means, but there is no reason you can’t embrace a style. Personally I like to dress in a smart, slightly retro style. I like smart, crisp white shirts with quirky cufflinks. Well fitting trousers, and stylish shoes.

You can dress however you want – but make it a style that you like. Cut out the super baggy tshirts that say ‘Computer Expo 1993’ on the front and have coffee stains on them.

Be proud to look good. A lot of geeks shy away from wearing really nice clothes because they are secretly worried that someone will say ‘who do you think you are wearing clothes like that?’

So in summary – be proud of being a geek, but come out of the shadows, and be confident in the person you are. That’s what will get you the girls.

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