5 Surprising Real-World Skills You Can Learn From Board Games
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Board games would be go-to activities for many geeks. Despite being in the age of much more realistic video games, mobile gaming, and virtual reality, board games are still very relevant. They provide a level of fun, cooperation, and camaraderie that video games just cannot give.

Not just that; board games can also teach players some very valuable life skills. Here are just five of them.


  • Real estate investing. The popular game Monopoly isn’t just all fun and games. It can teach you the principles of investing in real estate as well. Is it about buying every property in a heartbeat as you get the opportunity? Or is it more about holding off and aiming for properties with the best rents that you can profit from?
  • Detective skills. Playing a game of Clue or Cluedo gives you good practise for being a sleuth. How do you know who really committed the crime? How do you sift from among puzzling pieces of evidence? How do you put everything together to form a solid case?
  • Vocabulary. Word games like Scrabble and Boggle are as educational as they are entertaining. Play with your geeky bookworm friends and you’ll realise a world of words that you have never explored before.
  • Engineering. Have you played Jenga? It’s not just about removing blocks while preventing the tower from falling. It also teaches a few principles in engineering. Remove the top blocks or the bottom blocks? How about the middle? When so many blocks already have been taken out, where is the best place to remove the next block?
  • Calculated risks. Card games like UNO, Magic The Gathering, and Monopoly Deal teach you a good deal of strategy. If you know what the cards are, and how many of each there are, you can take some risks especially with those power-up cards. Use the “Deal Breaker” card now, or just wait a little longer for someone to make a wrong move?


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