5 Quick Tips for Preserving Your Collectibles
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There’s a brand of geek that loves to collect action figures and other toys from their favourite fictional franchises. Collectible items don’t come cheap, so it’s always in a geek’s best interest to take good care of them.

Do you have these collectibles yourself? Keep in mind these five things to keep them lasting for decades.


  • Store them away from direct sunlight, dust, and moisture.


Unlike Captain America’s shield, your collectibles are not made of super-strong vibranium. They’re not indestructible, and just like any other thing, can deteriorate through wear and tear. But there is a way to prevent that – keep them away from the elements. The less they’re exposed to dust, moisture, and sunlight, the longer they will last.


  • Don’t touch them often.


The human hands contain a lot of filth. Finger oils, dirt, grime, bacteria, you name it. Skin contact with your collectibles transfers all that gunk onto them, and that’s not good for longevity. To make sure your collectibles stand the test of time, stop touching them often.


  • Put them in glass cases if you can.


When your collectibles are under glass, that’s the best protection they can have against any damaging outside forces. Glass cases are expensive, though, so you have to be prepared to shell out some money for this. It isn’t necessary, but it works very, very well.


  • Avoid taking them out of the house as much as possible.


Being the proud owner of collectibles, you’d probably want to show off your stuff to your friends. That’s all right if they visit your house, but if you have to take the collectibles out of the house to show to people, that isn’t good. You’re exposing them to the elements, which can wear them down faster. Avoid doing this as much as possible.


  • Keep each collectible in its original box.


If all else fails, this is the most foolproof method. Just don’t take them out of the original box. Sure, you won’t get to interact with the thing, but neither will it degrade too quickly. The box will have to melt before so much as a scratch appears on the toy.

Take good care of your collectibles, and for sure they’ll last your entire lifetime. Oh, and do you want more toys to add to your shelf? The Geek Store is the place to be. Browse through our extensive gallery of collectible toys and find something that catches your eye.