5 Great Gifts for Geek Girls
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Geek girls are not the usual girls. While they still do like wearing makeup and shopping for shoes, their greater interests lie somewhere else. The stuff they like the most are still, well, geeky.

Thinking of giving a gift to your geek girl friend? Here are five ideas you can consider.


  • Amiibos. These guys are not just action figures. They’re enhancements to popular video games. Nintendo designed these specifically for 3DS and Switch games, making them somehow pop out into the real world. They’re not strictly required to play the games, but do give special unlockables and other perks otherwise inaccessible.
  • Funko Pops. Here’s another great way for geek girls to showcase their fandoms. While they aren’t lifesize, their cute designs make them uniquely attractive. Funko Pop action figures come in many different characters, from Wonder Woman to Lara Croft. There are even plush versions that make ideal bedside companions.
  • Comic Books. Geek girls are similarly passionate about the fictional worlds of Asgard, Gotham City, Wakanda, and all the rest. If you know what your geek girl friend is into, get her a comic book. She’ll surely love you for it. Does Manga count? Yes, of course it does.
  • Geek T-Shirts. No geek can ever fault you for giving them a good T-shirt. All you need to think about is the size and the print. Just make sure that both the size and the design are appropriate for the geek girl you’re giving it to.


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