5 Best Gift Ideas for Geeks
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Geeks have very unique interests in stuff. They’re not the typical people you can appease with prime-label perfumes, cute clothes, or stunning shoes. Expensive high-street brands are certainly not the best things to give to a geek.

Instead, what they really want are stuff that appeal to their fandoms. A Star Wars tee? Oh yes, please. Avengers button pins? Those will do nicely. How about a Portal Gun replica? They’ll drool over that, for sure.

Here are five such ideas for when you’re gift shopping for your geek friend.


  • Collectible Action Figures. Not just reserved for kids, superhero (and supervillain) action figures are also standard in most geeks’ cabinets. You can find many figures for different characters, from Marvel to Mad Max, Disney to Doctor Who. Take your pick.
  • Board Games. Even in the digital age, hardcore geeks still love playing with boards and dice. Whether it’s dominating the real estate game of Monopoly or taking over the world in a game of Risk, geeks would still love to sit down and have some good old-fashioned analog fun. There are even themed versions of these classic board games, which transport the players to their respective fantasy worlds.
  • Mugs. To many people, if you give them a mug, it’s a sign of being not very thoughtful. But to a geek, mugs with their favourite characters and fictional devices are gold. A mug with the USS Enterprise printed on it, for one, makes the morning coffee feel more out-of-this-world.
  • Sheets and Covers. Again, to normal people, there is nothing too special about bed sheets and pillow covers. But to a geek, the bed can be a fortress when emblazoned with iconic symbols representing his/her favourite characters.
  • Decor. Geeks also have a sense of design. They love plastering their walls, tables, and cabinets with trinkets that tell you about their favourite fictional worlds. Geeks would love to turn their house into a fantasy world on its own.


Now you know what to give to your geeky friends. See, even if it’s as simple as a mug, but you gave some thought as to choosing what’s printed on it, a geek will love you for it. He/she will be eternally grateful for your kindness!