3 Awesome Tech Toys for Geek Boys (and Girls)
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Geek kids aren’t satisfied with just any ordinary toys. The usual dolls and toy soldiers just will not cut it. It’s what all the other kids are playing with. Cool kid stuff won’t do either; geeks tend to hate those things.
Rather, geek kids have have a knack for technology. They desire something technological for playtime. With that, here are three great techy toys for the geek boys and girls out there.

Programmable Robots

Way back in the day, the popular robot toys were the Transformers. But they all require manual control. By today’s standards, that’s so low-tech.

Now, toy robots have gotten better. So much so that they can even show some sort of “emotion” through screens that simulate facial expressions. They have artificial intelligence, and they can do things on their own. Just like the Anki Cozmo Robot. This guy can play games with you and move around while avoiding obstacles. It also learns, so the more you interact with Anki, the better it gets. And there’s software that allows you to create custom behaviours and program the robot the way you want.

How awesome is that? It’s also a great way to start kids early on electronics and robotics.

Portable Game Consoles

Geek kids love to play games. But not any ordinary playground game; they prefer stuff like Legend of Zelda, NBA 2K, and Monster Hunter. They also would want to play these games wherever they may be.

Portable consoles are the answer. Whether it’s a PlayStation Portable, a Nintendo 3DS, or a Switch, it all depends on what games the geek kids want. But each device has a significant selection of games available.

AI-Enabled RC Cars

RC cars used to be cool toys in the 90s and 2000s. Remember the Auldeys? Those used to be the rage. But these days, ordinary RC cars are boring. AI-powered versions are the future.

Enter the Anki Overdrive. Equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the cars can adapt to any race track you design. It can learn and adjust to opposing cars racing with it. And all you need to control it is your phone.

This is the future of RC racing. Auldey and Hot Wheels have nothing on the Overdrives.

You might be thinking, “Where on Earth can I find all this stuff?” Not to worry. They’re all available in The Geek Store. Click the links above to find out more about each product. No need to sweat it going around stores all over town. High-tech toys are meant to be bought in a high-tech way as well.